j. marie and sweet pea Card Set Bundle

Mix and match your own bundle of locally designed card sets from j. marie and sweet pea.


- Minnesota 1858 Series Set

- Twin Cities Lovin' Set

- Compliments All Around Set

- Biblical Inspiration Set

- "Tis the Season" Christmas Set

- Thankful Set

Made by j.marie and sweet pea, this mother (J. Marie) and daughter (Sweet Pea... No seriously, it is on her birth certificate) combo from Minnesota love each other, love to create, and they do it well.  Love this design?  Be sure to check out the whole collection here.

Note: When you check out, tell us which card sets you want in the "Note" section and we will build your bundle accordingly! Example: 2x Minnesota 1858 Series Set, 1x Twin Cities Lovin' Series Set

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