Growler of Handcrafted Switchel (64 oz.)

Looking for a real, recovery drink? An energy and metabolism boost? A secret ingredient for your hot toddy? Have fresh, craft-brewed switchel delivered right to your door and utilize it anyway you want.

What is switchel?

Switchel is a non-alcoholic, slightly sweet and tangy, ginger-infused beverage that was made popular by the haymakers who drank it centuries ago. When water wasn’t enough in the hot fields, the farmers would drink switchel because it was light yet gave them nourishment and energy.

*Paleo-friendly. Caffeine, Dairy, Preservative, Gluten and Soy free. Organic Ingredients. Non-GMO

*Sugar source is 100% Raw, MN Wildflower Honey OR Raw MN Maple Syrup (for Orange Maple flavor)

Superior Switchel: Born in MN.  Brewed in the Twin Cities.

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