Why We Exist

We exist because there shouldn't be so many obstacles to being a socially minded consumer.

Why should you have to pay more for a product that does good?  You shouldn't.

Why should money that goes straight out the door to charity be the only part of your budget that has a positive impact on the world?  It shouldn't.

We are VOICE and this is why we exist.

VOICE is an online marketplace, where Minnesota companies and customers are coming together to build a better world. A place where you shop, knowing from the start that 7% of what you spend will be given to one of the causes that our community is currently investing in. And you get to pick which one! We are a marketplace committed to giving voice back to your dollar, because we’re convinced that your voice longs for more… that your voice longs for a better world… Just like we do.

We're obsessed with the dream of what VOICE could become, and we're excited to bring you into it.

We want to shop this way, and we don't think we're alone. Thanks for joining us. The world needs your voice.