Our Staff

There is no fancy office building, no business big shots… In fact, the truth is you're more likely to catch the CEO rocking socks and sandals than a suit and tie.  No, seriously... The guy is always wearing socks and sandals.




Mitch Reaume

CEO + The Dreamer

Mitch is a husband, learner, pastor, book nerd, and travel enthusiast. As big and lofty as many of his dreams are, one thing that people who know him can tell you is that he rarely gets accused of being too serious. He's consumed an appalling number of corndogs but we try not to hold it against him. The one thing Mitch said has to be in his blurb on the website: A HUGE thank you to his wife, Steph, for supporting him in chasing after this dream he believes in.



McKenzie Novak

Creative Design + The Laugh

A lot of people fight for McKenzie's time... We're ecstatic that we get some of it.  Even if she's a bit of a hippy and loves Whole 30 (c'mon Whole30ians... Don't defend yourselves.  Be proud to be a hippy).  Fun to be around and quick to laugh, when she's not running her own up-and-coming brand (which you should check out and support!  And of course you can shop them through VOICE), she is creating new adventures and exploring the land of 10,000 lakes..




Mike Hill

Sales + The Hair

Mike was brought onto the team for his passion and belief in our mission, and his desire to be a part of something bigger. Mike lives his life for the things that really matter. when Mike isn't working he's the guy in the room that everyone wants to be around and can probably be found investing in and leading students, playing poker, or hanging with his guys.





Andrew Cumming

Photography + The Frat Boy

Though he may not love his classes, Andrew enjoys attending the University of Minnesota for the chance to live in Minneapolis. With a passion for nighttime photography and nature, he spends his free time exploring the city on his bike and taking pictures. VOICE is proud to be the sole distributor of Andrew’s work, which we recommend you check out HERE. Many of the photographs used throughout the website were captured by Andrew and his camera… Guy has some serious talent, and we’re lucky to have him.


Other Contributors

So these people aren’t on staff… But if not for their willingness and desire to invest in and help build VOICE, it wouldn’t be what it is today. They share in our desire to see the marketplace build a better world and gave of their time and skills to help make it happen.