Our Customer

So who are VOICE's customers?  

Everything a person does in their life says something: Whether it's the way they look at people, how they use their time, the things they do and don't say, or, how they spend their money.  We're constantly telling a message with our lives.  

Our customers are the ones who are tediously mindful of the message their life is telling.

Our customers look at the world of business and the everyday spending of life... And they see more than just dollar signs.  They see a part of their story.  They see opportunity.  They are sophisticated and mindful of the impact that their life has on the bigger picture.

They reject the idea that philanthropy is only for the top 1%.  They see it as their responsibility as well.  They take responsibility for the story that their life tells and the world they leave behind... Even if it's through the little things, like where they buy their clothes and gifts, or where they go out to eat.  They don't simply want to "feel good" about their shopping, they ACTUALLY want it to have an impact.  To tell another story.  

Their voice matters and they actually believe it and live as if it were true.

They're actively shaping the world we live in and what we leave for the next generation.  Like the way business is done and why businesses exist.  Our customers ARE the reminder to the world, that people always come before profits.

In a nutshell... That's who a VOICE customer is.  And there's no one else we'd rather be partnered with.

And oh ya, we almost forgot... A lot of them are from Minnesota, don't cha know?  SKOL!