Our Businesses

VOICE is nothing without the businesses and customers who share in our vision – to build a better world through the marketplace.  Without the companies below, this marketplace and this movement would be nothing. A huge thank you to all of the customers and companies who are joining with VOICE to build a better world.

A few things we want to make sure you understand about how cool these businesses are:

  1. They're not charging you a premium for the 7% donation to happen.  They're sacrificing that 7% from their own margins when you shop through VOICE.
  2. While we're not entirely exclusive to Minnesota companies, we LOVE partnering with them and have a lot of local partners.  This is our neighborhood... Why shouldn't we try to give our business to our neighbors first?
  3. There isn't a company in here who we wouldn't vouch for.  Great products, and great people.  That's a guarantee that you're getting from us.


Partnered Companies



And many others:

 Cedar // Family Three // Grace Lukens // Jourdan Myers // Matt Moberg // Andrew Cumming 

Friends of VOICE

We don't know of a better place to find out about all things Minnesota than our friends over at #MNBucketlist.  #MNBucketList is one of the best blogs for anyone in Minnesota, covering everything from events to restaurants.  When it comes to Minnesota... We're not sure if there is anyone who is more well-versed than Jessica, our friend behind #MNBucketList.  Do yourself a favor and keep an eye on her blog as she explores and shares Minnesota with us.